Learn Difference between C and C++ ( C vs C++)

What is C?

C is really a general-purpose, step-by-step computer-programming vocabulary supporting organized development, lexical different range, and recursion, with a fixed type system. Simply by simply design, Chemical gives constructs that will chart proficiently in order to standard machine guidelines.

What is C++?

C++ is really a general-purpose development vocabulary developed by Bjarne Stroustrup being a good expansion of usually the D development terminology, or “C together with Classes”. The terminology offers expanded drastically because time passes, plus modern day C++ has object-oriented, common, and useful functions besides amenities with regard to low-level storage adjusting. It is going to always become executed like a produced vocabulary, and many providers provide C++ compilers, including usually the totally free of charge Software program Base, LLVM, Ms, Intel, Oracle, plus APPLE, therefore this is on a number of platforms.

difference between c and c++

Difference between c and c++

Area C C++
Basic Approach High Level High Level
Data security The user can interface the code so it is not that secure. The user cannot manipulate the code so it is highly secured.
Function Overloading No support available Supports overloading
Variable definition All variables must be defined after the Main function Variables can be defined anywhere in the program
Flexibility Less flexible More flexible.
Class Doesn’t support. It supports the concept of classes.
The basic code for input and output scanf() for input and printf() for output. cin>> for input and cout<< for output.
Object-Oriented concepts It does not support objects. It supports the creation of objects and all concepts of object-oriented programming.
Function inside structure Does not support. Allows defining functions inside the structure

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Both language C and C++ are very useful for beginner level programmer, if you are new on  this field then definitely you have to start your career by learning this two language first here we explain difference between them in easy language.

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