Download Logitech Options – Features in the Logitech Options

Download Logitech Options : Logitech Options is the particular powerful and simple application that could increase your Logitech computer mouse and key mat experience. It will become usually designed to offer a person incredible features plus become extremely straightforward to utilize. When a individual open the software program, your products display up as on-screen images, so can probably be simple to get, change, plus set upward within seconds.

What are the Features in the Logitech Options?

  • Change function crucial cutting corners
  • Personalize laptop or computer mouse control techniques
  • Adjust stage in addition scroll practices
  • Enable and turn directly into off touchpad activities
  • Obtain on-screen notices whenever your very own device’s battery package operates low plus even whenever a person push the locking mechanism essential

What we can do with Logitech Sync Portal?

Using this software, you can:

  • Remotely update program software
  • Remotely monitor and troubleshoot elements concerns
  • Remotely manage your meeting sleeping rooms and devices
  • Get a high-level review associated with your corporation through your dashboard

What are the uses of Logitech Sync?

Synchronizing has the energy to amass info precisely how ladies and men use movie meeting places plus devices. Synchronize information motivate the program in order to statement this specific data, which aids IT optimize the particular deployment plus utilization of the particular company video cooperation gadgets.

Download GMER

Name Logitech Options for Windows
Version 8.36.86
Require OS Windows 7 / Windows 8 / 8.1 /  Windows 10
Size 380.93 KB
Developer Logitech
Official Site Logitech Options Official Site

Download  Logitech Options

How to Install Sync on Windows with SCCM?


A listing associated with firewall rules in add-on exclusions can complete up being learned here.

1. Transfer the specific package directly straight into SCCM

  1. Download which provides the zip file in order to import since properly as typically the particular files folder.
  2. Obtain rid of the particular three documents through SyncApplicationBundle. lift directly into the supply phase.
  3. In Program Management, Import usually the plan.
  4. Browse in the direction of the particular system reveal place associated together along with the Logitech_Sync. raise file.
  5. Within the specific Verification elect in order to be able in order to Generate new or perhaps Disregard replicate.
  6. After the particular import is performed, a person could delete the specific Logitech_Sync. zip document.

2. Obtain the Synchronize Provisioning Bundle

  1. Login your current Sync Website.
  2. Just click on System–> Bulk provisioning as well because Download the Residence windows Package.
  3. Eliminate the specific Compressed Data files in order to the file Logitech_Sync_files\Content_549b… on your current distribution point. Right now there needs to finish up being three data files in that record.

3. Deploy the Plan

  1. Develop a Device Collection of the space strategies you would like in order to deploy to.
  2. Create the application contact form to the Series.
  3. Mark the specific application because required so it will certainly be usually pressure arranged up
  4. Within Consumer Notifications, select “hide in software application middle and everything notifications”

4. Installation Verification

The person can keep track of the specific progress associated with the particular set up by heading to Monitoring/Deployments plus Selecting Logitech Synchronize Provisioning. Sync has got the particular following return distinctive codes. These are usually currently configured within the particular imported application.

Return Code Name Description
0 Completed Success
121 Command Error There was an issue with calling the main installer.
122 Token Error Provisioning Token not found.
123 Download Error Sync agent Download failed, Check Firewall rules.
124 Install Error Sync agent Installation failed. Check Endpoint Protection Exclusions.
125 Provision Error Room provisioning failed. Check Firewall.

How to Install Sync on Mac with JAMF?


A list of fire walls rules and exeptions can be discovered here.

1. Download the particular particular Sync Provisioning Package deal

  1. Login your own Synchronize Portal.
  2. Simply click on System–> Mass Provisioning and Down load the particular Home windows Package.
  3. This may download a compressed file, extract the particular particular file.

2. Produce the DMG

  1. Produce the particular subsequent folder construction: /Library/Application Support/Logitech/LogiSync
  2. Duplicate the particular LogiSyncProvisionToken.json to that particular file.
  3. In The composer, Develop a brand new package
  4. Pull the particular LogiSyncProvisionToken.json in to the Resources file in Writer.

3. Create DMG

  1. Create sure that the particular document structure within JAMF matches that will within Finder plus click on Develop since DMG.
  2. Conserve the specific DMG with regard to your downloading file.

4. Configure JAMF

  1. Set up the Offers
  2. Sign onto the specific JAMF portal plus click on the specific options gear inside the upper proper corner.
  3. Just click Individual computer Management as well as the Packages.
  4. Add the new Package
  5. Keep title blank
  6. Choose a category, after that upload the DMG file you simply produced.
  7. Rename the package: 1-LogiSyncProvisionToken
  8. Click Save
  9. Replicate the steps above, but this time uploads the LogiSyncProvisionStub. pkg from the downloads folder.
  10. Rename the package: 2-LogiSyncProvisionStub
  11. Important: Rename both packages in the proper order: 1-LogiSyncProvisionToken and 2-LogiSyncProvisionStub. This will certainly make sure that the symbol file is installed before the stub installer runs.

5. Configure the Policy

  1. Don’t click on Save until the last stage.
  2. Go to Computers and Policies.
  3. Produce a new Policy Deploy Logi Sync.
  4. Assign it a Category.
  5. Assign it a deployment method, for example , repeating check-in
  6. Click on Packages, the Configure.
  7. Add the Packages 1-LogiSyncProvisionToken
  8. Click on the + together with the name associated with the package you simply added and include the 2-LogiSyncProvisionStub
  9. Click on Scope.
  10. Add the scope to set up with, for instance, Logi Sync Test.
  11. Click on on Save.

6. Set up Verification

  1. By simply clicking Logs, you may observe whether finished status or unsuccessful.
  2. For any unsuccessful standing, visit the particular machine in query and browse in order to the folder /Library/Application Support/Logitech/LogiSync and the particular file LogiSyncProvisionStub_Result. txt may have the come back code. Below will be a set of almost all those codes.
Return Code Name Description
0 Completed Success
121 Command Error There was an issue with calling the main installer.
122 Token Error Provisioning Token not found.
123 Download Error Syncagent Download failed, Check Firewall rules.
124 Install Error Syncagent Installation failed. Check Endpoint Protection Exclusions.
125 Provision Error Room provisioning failed. Check Firewall.

What devices are managed by Sync?

Record beneath contains devices that will can be handled by Sync.

  • Rally
  • Rally Camera
  • Rally Bar
  • Rally Bar Mini
  • MeetUp
  • Tap
  • Swytch

Logitech Sync Availability


Logitech Sync is the particular new platform along with regard to supervising and managing Logitech meeting area video clip conferencing items. Synchronize makes this specific simple for THIS SPECIFIC to aid significant movie deployments while reducing site sessions plus trouble chair tickets. Click right here for more information.

Gadget management utilizing the Synchronizing platform can turn out to be carried out within a number connected along with ways:

Synchronize Site: Browser-based user interface with regard to be able to remote management associated with your whole Logitech conference space gadgets.

Synchronize Application: A desktop computer application for nearby management of the specific meeting area plus attached gadgets.

Synchronize API: Incorporation factors to create help for Logitech items into third-party management tools.

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