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What is Ocenaudio?

Download Ocenaudio : Ocenaudio is a cross-platform, easy to use, quick within addition to practical music manager. It is going to probably be the particular best software application concerning folks who need to edit and also analyze music documents without complications. Ocenaudio also provides effective features that will certainly please much a lot more advanced users.

This particular software is based upon Ocen Framework; the particular strong library produced in order to be able to simplify and standardize the development associated with music manipulation additionally analysis applications through multiple platforms.

ocenaudio provides a spectrogram view of sound, that allows users in order to analyze spectral content material while upgrading rate of recurrence bands.

What are feature in the Ocenaudio

1.     VST plugins support

Ocenaudio supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) put INS, giving practically all folks use of numerous final results. Exactly like usually the native results, VST effects can use timely survey to guide settings.

2.     Real-time preview of effects

Implementing results such as REGULARITY, gain and stopping will be a considerable portion of noise enhancing. However, it is normally very challenging to be able to get the desired result by adjusting the settings construction alone: you must listen the highly processed audio. To simplicity the settings regarding sound results, Ocenaudio has a real-time survey feature: observed the processed sign while adjusting typically the settings.

3.     Cross-platform support

Ocenaudio will be accessible for anyone major functioning systems: Ms House windows, Macintosh OS Times and Linux. Local programs are developed for each and every single each system from a frequent source, in buy to achieve excellent performance and smooth integration with usually the OS. Just concerning all versions regarding Ocenaudio possess a new constant set regarding features plus the similar graphical interface, in addition to so the expertise you discover inside a new platform may be obtained in the other folks..

4.     Multi-selection for delicate editions

To conclusion up being able to rate up complex noise files enhancing, Ocenaudio includes multi-selection. Applying this amazing tool, you may in the similar time select different helpings of your current sound record in addition to listen, change or possibly even apply a new lead to them..

5.     Efficient editing of large files

With each other with Ocenaudio, there is no limit to the length or the volume of the sound files you can edit. Utilizing an advanced memory management, the application maintains your files open without wasting any computer’s memory. Even in files several hours long, common editing procedures such because copy, cut or paste happen almost instantly.

6.     Fully featured spectrogram

Besides offering an amazing waveform view of your music documents, Ocenaudio has a powerful and spectrogram sees. With this see, you can evaluate the spectral content of your music signal with maximum clarity.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Ocenaudio?


  • Ocenaudio is the particular freeware product which usually enables you to certainly statement almost something on your personal computer.
  • You have got complete control of typically the particular quality and construction, and all configurations are within easy reach.
  • This is usually certainly basic in order to operate in add-on to does the particular work properly.
  • Save and open as MP3 files.


  • The number associated with more results would certainly be great, however that isn’t very extremely those things i actually use typically the particular software for. Generally the key things are there.
  • They set in a characteristic that car helps you to save the documenting in the event the notebook computer works out of demand and it also suddenly transforms off.
  • So , any time you restart typically the pc, Ocenaudio offers a choice to recoup the sound.
Download Ocenaudio

Name Ocenaudio Audio Editor  for Windows
Version 3.6.4
Require OS
  • Windows 98,
  • Windows Vista,
  • Windows 2003,
  • Windows 10,
  • Windows 8,
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 2000,
  • Windows 7
Size 34.73 MB
Developer Ocenaudio
Official Site Ocenaudio Official Site

Download Ocenaudio 

How to Download and Install Ocenaudio on Debian and Ubuntu ?

To be able to install this sound editor on your own current system, the designers give all of us based on a deb deals dedicated to the variant within the system we all are utilizing.

Although logically the only versions currently supported would be the LTS from 14. 04, there are people who use other versions, such as with educational stays. So based on the version you are using, it is the package to download.

To find out which version you are using you must type the following:

If you are using Debian 8 Ubuntu 15. ’04 or higher or some derivative of the 32-bit version the particular package for your own version is this particular:

wget -O ocenaudio.deb

Finally for 64-bit version of Debian 9, Ubuntu 17. 04 and increased versions we should download this bundle:

wget -O ocenaudio.deb

Done the straight down load according in order to our version associated with the unit, all of us simply have in order to install the software with this control:

sudo dpkg -i ocenaudio.deb

If you possess issues with the particular dependencies, run this particular command to resolve them:

sudo apt-get install –f

 How to Multiple record using Ocenaudio

In the event you made two or even more field songs of the exact same individual parrot within the same location with the same period, you should group these recordings along with the other that the solitary multi-part audio document for add. Beneath is a good example of 2 Louisiana Waterthrush songs of the exact same person, made within quick succession:

  1. Louisiana Waterthrush one
  2. Louisiana Waterthrush two

Just before collection both of these tracks together, the initial step is usually to edit every person segment following the particular guidelines in the particular “Editing only one Songs File” instructions earlier mentioned. First cut in addition in order to normalize first audio tracks file:

After that execute exactly the same programs on the following section (and nearly any extra segments):

Since this information is each song from the comparable individual Louisiana Waterthrush, they should ending up being arranged with the additional in just a solitary report. To begin this, include a single 2nd of stop regarding the conclusion concerning “Louisiana Waterthrush 1” by inserting usually the cursor at usually the conclusion of which document, going in order to have the ability to the Create food selection, choosing Silence, in add-on to inputting the lifelong “1”.

Read More :

Then stress the particular second audio tracks paths file, “Louisiana Waterthrush 2”, Select Virtually all, and Back-up. Time for generally the “Louisiana Waterthrush 1” file, place typically the cursor at typically the particular conclusion of associated with which file (after typically the a single second regarding silence) and set in the particular contents regarding “Louisiana Waterthrush 2” from the end.

The particular last effect is obviously one record along with two segments separated by one second of silence. This particular silence allows a listener to know that there was a pause in the field between creation of the really first segment and the 2nd section of it.

After adding the material of the 2nd file to the very 1st file, Save and rename this amalgamated file to distinguish it from both individual source documents. Here is our final merged document:

The conclusion outcome is a solitary file with two separate segments; each trimmed with the maximum level started -3 dB. This solitary new file is currently ready to be uploaded to eBird!

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